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Use my booking page to arrange an appointment. *For West London, South West London & North Surrey*

Your appointment you should allow 15/20 minutes either way (early or late) with the way that traffic is on our roads.

Anything else then I will contact you!

If times are not available then contact Toosdee as appointments do change!

Here the rules and agreements:

  • If you cancel the appointment within 24 hours and paid the deposit you will lose the paid deposit unless you rebook another appointment.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours prior to the booked appointment you could be liable for 50% of the otherwise occurred costs if you don’t rebook for another day.
Please note that we will be off work from Saturday August 31st and will return to work Thursday September 12th.

If you can pay for your hair appointments by bank transfer or cash that would be very much appreciated.
We do now have another card machine for those that cannot do the above!

Social media sites we are on are:-


Instagram @toosdeehairstylist

TikTok @toosdeehairstylist

When you make a booking with Toosdee don’t forget to REGISTER here online so that when you want to make another appointment, your details are already saved!


We have a new Facebook page & please give it a like!

COVID reminder is that to keep a room ventilated while Toosdee visits you for your appointment.

Please Note that we would prefer to be paid by card via our mobile machines or bank transfer as it saves carrying cash around.

Looking to have hair extensions fitted? Then let Toosdee know as you get a FREE consultation beforehand.

If you are a first timer & would like to make a booking, then don’t forget the £10 deposit (which comes off of the amount you pay) otherwise there is no booking.

Areas Toosdee covers

Toosdee covers all the TW postcodes as shown on the map.
She also covers most of the KT postcodes (Check our postcode checker)
Any other immediate areas, just message for a price!

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